Farm death toll on the rise

As per an article in the Western Magazine on 18/1/16.

“The number of on-farm deaths in Australia during 2015 has risen from the previous year, with quad bikes accounting for the main cause of death.
The quad bike deaths accounted for 15 of the overall cases, with two of those involving children.
Research was conducted by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety (ACAHS) based on media coverage from the 2015 Australian Farm Deaths and Injuries Media Monitors Snapshot.
A number of cases involved tractors (13) and other types of machinery (&). There was a total of 92 non-fatal incidents that were highlighted in the report, with quads being the main cause involving 41 incidents.
ACAHS centre director Tony Lawler said the figures showed an increase in the previous year, and that each case brought significant impact to families and communities.”

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